Granby Trading and Construction

GRANBY TRADING & CONSTRUCTION is a company established to provide General Construction services to commercial, government and residential clients.  GRANBY TRADING & CONSTRUCTION was conceived by MARIA LEUVINA SOFIA G. LLANA with previous exposure in General Construction. Sensitive to the growing need for a more extensive scope of services, she decided to register the business with the intention of expanding into other line in connection with the General Construction. On June 02, 1999, GRANBY TRADING & CONSTRUCTION was registered with the Department of Trade & Industry, under  DTI No. 00571722  Wanting to offer professionalized service marked with personal supervision, the vision was to satisfy the client’s needs and the rapidly increasing demands of the construction industry.  Above these, is the desire to provide a work environment for its labor force that is humane and value – centered in its labor practices.  GRANBY TRADING & CONSTRUCTION  has successfully gained the respect of its clients who have continued to secure their services in their varied projects.  The numbers of their residential & government clients have likewise steadily increased, proof that no client is too small for the company.  The professional and personalized service is a given to any client who has placed trust and confidence in the expertise of the company.

Quality assurance is a key element of the company’s construction practice.  Systematic approach and control is applied at various stages of construction and management projects.  Control system are being adapted to the scope and complexity of the projects, thereby ensuring the client’s plan is made into functional reality.